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About us

About Us

FLMU – Florida Leadership Ministry University – is a registered University in the United States of America, Florida, interdenominational, non-profit, which guides its educational actions by integrating teaching programs and services through a
philosophy based on Christian principles and a commitment to prepare agents of transformation around the world.


To genuinely contribute to training people based on knowledge and ethical values;
generating the power of influence training agents transformation in the Kingdom of God


Be an instructive and educational model in building a society in the process of learning; recognized nationally and internationally by facilitating, flexible and serious management, which in Christian theory and practice it enhances the developing human character and the spread of the Kingdom.


Teachings based on the practice of justice, of truth, obedience, honesty,
loyalty and gratitude;


Teaching and developing awareness criticism through biblical knowledge;

Responsibility, independence and transparency;

Commitment to the pursuit of quality and standard of excellence;

Empathy and coexistence at different points by sight;

Ethics as a concept of work and excellence

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1015 W. Newport Center Drive, Suite 105
2nd Floor Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442


M-F: 8am – 10pm
S-S: Closed

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